Stress, Stress, Stress ... Everyone is familiar with stress. From the housewife to the worker to the school pupil. The pressure to perform keeps increasing, everything gets faster all the time. Our lives today are far more intensive than just a few years ago. But who can or wants to change it? No one!

We should and can inform ourselves about what stress actually means for our body.


But the good thing is, we can do something about the consequences of stress.

The problem:

The physical effects of stress are the same for everyone. An excess of free radicals produces oxidative stress. Cells and cell structures are damaged.

The consequence: Reduced physical and mental performance.

The solution:

To be able to cope more effectively with stress situations long term, a two step solution can be recommended:

1. Neutralisation of physical stress – with antioxidants such as resveratrol, green tea, chlorophyll, vitamin E and selenium

2. Stimulation of energy production for the mind & body - with micronutrients such as coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, iron, B vitamins and choline

And if you can also add a little exercise to your daily routine as well, you will stay physically and mentally fit at all times – no matter how much stress you have!

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